Tech info


    IST  PCB deals mainly in the supply of   Single-Sided PCB, PTH Double-Sided PCB,NPTH Double-Sided PCB,Aluminum PCB (AL PCB),Flexible PCB (FPC),Multi-layer PCB (2~20 Layers) for worldwide customers. With more than ten years of specialized experience and excellent engineering Team, IST is responsive to customer needs for speed to market, and offers fast and accurate solutions for Quick Turn Around needs.

    Prototype through to volume manufacture is all made via the same state-of-the-art tooling, manufacturing and test facilities. There is a single tooling charge. No additional tooling charges are made to customers when the product goes to volume.

    Quality Certificate: ISO9001: 14001, UL(E258133), RoHS Report

    PCB Material Highlights: FR4, High Tg, High CTI, Green Material, Aluminum Based (AL Based)

LED  ( light emitting diodes )

    IST strives for customer satisfaction by manufacturing various line-ups of High Luminous Efficacy, High Quality, and High Reliability LEDs.

Crystal oscillator

    IST supplies highly accurate, high reliability crystal products using advanced technology and thorough quality control.      

Such as:  SMD2016(16-54MHz)   SMD2520(12-54MHz SMD3225(12-54MHz