IST Components are designed for depend-ability, with superior thermal characteristics for reduced risk of failure in high-temperature conditions. Excellent thermal efficiency enables lighting fixtures to maintain consistent color and a reduced drop in lumens. The result is increased light output without shortening the fixture`s life span.


Middle-high power LED (0.1W-1 W class )
EMC resin for high reliability
High efficacy for distributed light
Completed 10,000 hours of LM-80 testing @ 100 mA, 105 ℃
Available in white (2700 K to 6500 K @ CRI 80)
Standard Footprint: 3.0 mm x 3.0 mm
Applications: Suitable for use in Ambient lighting and LED tubes


1.Crystal Resonators / MHz Band Crystal Resonators
2.Crystal Resonators with dedicated temperature sensor / MHz Band Crystal Resonators
3.Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators / kHz Band Crystal Resonators
4.Crystal Resonators [For Automotive Electronics]
5.SMD Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators [For Automotive Electronics]
6.Standard Frequency

   IST Limited deals mainly in the supply of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB,FPC), Single-Sided PCB,PTH Double-Sided PCB,NPTH Double-Sided PCB,Aluminum PCB (AL PCB),Flexible PCB (FPC),Multi-layer PCB (2~18 Layers) for worldwide customers.

Min. Track/Space 3mil/3mil  ;   Min. Finished Hole:  6mil0.15mm; Min. Micro (blind hole) finished Hole:  4mil0.1mmFinished Surface: OSP . ENIG . HASL