IST supplies highly accurate, high reliability crystal products using advanced technology and thorough quality control.

      With a high level of competence and modern equipment we can offer cost-efficient solutions for the  Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry with quick deliveries. Our mainly products are PCB, Crystal oscillator and LED.
     we always striving to keep a close contact and cooperation with the suppliers. IST  making sure that the product quality and deliveries are meeting the customer expectations every time. IST also makes continuous production audits for all suppliers making sure that they live up to the high standards production standards of IST.
     Quality, good service, delivery precision and cost optimisation the main characteristics of IST .

About us

     With a high level of competence and modern equipment we offer flexible production solutions for PCB’s

   IST strives for customer satisfaction by manufacturing various line-ups of High Luminous Efficacy, High Quality, and High Reliability LEDs.